Ivermectin is in some monthly flea medicines and is the same medication they give to horses to prevent fleas and ticks. The horses excrete the medicine in urine or feces and when an Aussie steps in it or shares water from the trough the dogs get a dose too large for their system and it results in blindness within 48 hours. The retina in this herding breed is susceptible to this, which we didn't know. A private ranch keeps the Aussie breed away from the horses when they dose the horses. At a public stable you don't know. If you watched her films she adapted quickly and still chases and retrieves her toys. We are at the park usually daily. She was tested for MDR1 (ivermectin) by the University of Washington animal laboratory and is MDR1 NEGATIVE (that's good) - not in a dose of Ivermectin given to a horse.

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